Page 10 - Attorney Separation and Divorce. Separate Well with Collaborative Practice
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ALL UNITS TO SEPARATE: THE COLLABORATIVE PROFESSIONALS 61 The collaborative lawyer: a change of paradigm 61 Beyond ethics and professional ethics 64 The principles of the collaborative lawyer 72 But the collaborative lawyer does not stop going to court ... 73 The other 74 collaborative professionals The 86 communication facilitator The Minor 90 expert The financial expert 102 A team at work to find the best possible agreement 110 A mindfulness help 110 Lawyers meditate ... and clients are reassured MODELS OF COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENTS AND 117 ETHICAL STANDARDS The agreements that safeguard the transparency of the 118 procedure The 126 Participation Agreement When engaging an 130 communication facilitator When engaging an 134 evolving age expert When engaging an 138 financial expert The ethical standards of 138 collaborative professionals Beyond the ethical obligations 155 C 157 onlusions Bibliography Studio Legale Avvocato Cecatiello, Milan, Rome. Divorce Matrimonialist Lawyer, Family Law.
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