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INTRODUCTION paration and divorce are involved children, often the real victims of the conflict, that the proceedings last several years and the more time passes and the more the relations between the parties become more acute, we can well understand the reason that brought me to seek alternative solutions to the courts. I was able to understand how the issues of separation and divorce judgments are the same all over the world and as judges and lawyers, in Europe as in the USA, are facing the same situations and having the same difficulties. You argue for a small disagreement on the maintenance allowance, on the time your children will spend with one or the other parent, on vacations, on homes, on the partition of furniture and even on the attribution of wedding gifts. In the end, on closer inspection, they are all excuses: the problems are of a completely different nature, but very few really want to face them. Law Firm Lawyer Cecatiello, Milan, Rome. Divorce Matrimonialist Lawyer, Family Law. 11
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