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INTRODUCTION Collaborative practice offers the parties space, time, tools and the help of trained professionals to focus and definitively resolve family conflicts, in their own interests and their children. Let yourself be well: difficult but possible The end of a relationship is always a difficult time that inevitably brings suffering to former partners, children and all those who are close to the couple in crisis. If then, as often happens, resentment, desire for blood and anger, the mixture can become explosive and make life difficult for everyone. Seeing the crisis and separation as a chance to start a new life not only helps to deal with problems in a different and constructive way, but often makes us feel better. We live in an era where, for various reasons, the number of separations and divorces has grown and children find it normal to have classmates living in two houses, one with mum and one with dad, and maybe even with others friars that parents have had from their new comrades; but even today, too often, the crisis of the family is experienced by the direct protagonists as a drama and, sometimes, as a war to be fought. With this book I would like to make it clear that in the family crisis there is no battle to be won: the real victory of the former consists in finding, together, shared, weighted and definitive solutions of "tailor-made" solutions for the benefit of all, including children. Law Firm Lawyer Cecatiello, Milan, Rome. Divorce Matrimonialist Lawyer, Family Law.
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