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INTRODUCTION How to help those in difficulty As we will see, when you are in the middle of the conflict it is very difficult to be objective and find valid solutions on your own. Often friends, parents, relatives, teachers, psychologists, sometimes even the family doctor or the spiritual guide, have the task of advising those who have a crisis relationship in the best possible way. Anyone who really wants to help a troubled couple must not take sides, must not judge behavior or foment conflict, regardless of wrongdoing and reasons; if it does, it inevitably creates even more damage. Instead, we need to take a step back, stay close to those who are suffering at the time, try to tone down and make it clear that, in the interests of all, the end of a relationship must not coincide with the beginning of a war, which does not there is no battle to fight and that there are not, nor must there be, losers and winners. The change of attitude, a real pact of non-belligerence among the former, is always indispensable when there are children; it is important to remind the ex-partners that, whatever happens in their relationship life, they will remain parents for life and who, in their own interests and in their children's, will have to continue to relate in the best possible way. If the parents irreparably prejudice their relationships or if they show an attitude of complete mutual closure, they do nothing but cause a totally useless and very often irreparable harm to their children. Maintaining an open dialogue, learning to relate in a different way, being united in difficulty is the secret to being a good parent even when one separates. Law Firm Lawyer Cecatiello, Milan, Rome. Divorce Matrimonialist Lawyer, Family Law. 13
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