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How I got to the collaborative practice After years of hearings in the courts, the Courts of Appeal and the Court of Cassation, after countless discussions in the causes of separation, divorce, custody, placement and maintenance of minor children of unmarried couples, and all the related modification procedures, at a certain point I began to feel the need to find a different path from the one that led to the court. I realized that most of the customers, even if they won the case and got everything they had requested, and sometimes even more, after a long time, they were not happy. It was as if the problems were only set aside or hidden and then returned years later, sometimes only months and, very often, even more magnified. I had read a lot about mediation and alternative methods of dispute resolution, but I had not found any effective answer to my questions and those of my clients. I realized that, as the life of each of us is unique, the possible solutions to conflicts in the family environment are also unique: for clients, to receive directives from the court with a sentence, to find "standard" agreements because " in these cases it is done "or simply accepting conditions only to quickly close a conflict, it was never decisive. Law Firm Lawyer Cecatiello, Milan, Rome. Divorce Matrimonialist Lawyer, Family Law.
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