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Participation in "I do it for love" - ​​The forms of psychological violence. 8/10/2016.

On 8 October 2016 the lawyer Armando Cecatiello participates in the 10 Congress of "Psychological Help Center Onlus", On the forms of psychological violence entitled"I do it for Love [clikka to download the event brochure]". The congress took place at the Center, Cascina San Giuseppe 18, 27010 Invemo and Monteleone (Pavia).

"Psychological violence: to harm and denigrate the other to the mortification of the self of the other person".

Presentation of the Congress:

Counselor and Responsible Relations with Public and Private Bodies

Cav. Geom. ENRICO VIGNATI - Mayor of Winter and Monteleone
"The Antiviolence Center in the Pavia area from 2008 to 2016"
Dr. MILENA D'IMPERIO - Vice President of the Province of Pavia
"The importance of anti-violence centers for women and children"
Dr. Carla Anna Durazzi
President of the Center for Psychological Aid Help "Introduction to the theme of the congress"
Movie screening: Psychological violence

Order of Psychologists of Lombardy - Adjunct Professor of Pavia University
"The child's psychic vulnerability: from risk factors to the effects of adequate adult reflexive function"
Responsible Center Antiviolenza "The half of nothing" of Lodi
"Violence assisted, violence experienced"


Rosa Onlus Help in Milan
"Domestic violence and mistreatment: legal protections and practical cases"


Order of Psychologists of Lombardy
"Hatred without measure. Destructive forms of aggression to the other "
Professor of Sociology, University of Pavia
"Denied recognition: young people and violence in proximity relations"

The title chosen "I do it for love" proposes the examination and understanding of those ambivalent dynamics that come into play in relationships and which often lead to behavior of abuse and psychological violence.
There are various forms of violence, but one in particular is extremely powerful and painful, basically silent and underground, invisible to most people and often not recognized by the victims themselves. It is, in fact, of thethe psychological violence that often precedes and anticipates other forms of violence, often a prelude to physical violence itself.
Precisely because it often passes in silence, but in a creeping manner, determining in reality extremely serious damages, it is fundamental to be able to recognize, as soon as possible, the signals and the true nature and scope.
It is often underestimated because it is not easily recognized: it is a form of violence, however, very widespread that manifests itself through behaviors and words that have'intent to harm and denigrate the other until the mortification of the self of the other person. In other words, the victim is progressively, but inexorably, deprived of his individual and personal dignity and will, to become an object to be possessed exclusively, not recognized in his condition as a "other" person, worthy of respect and freedom . Psychological violence therefore consists of direct attacks on to strike personal dignity, starting from subtle almost imperceptible critiques, to the lack of respect, to attitudes aimed at constantly reiterating a state of subordination and a condition of inferiority. The continuous implementation of these behaviors can lead to a real destructive process of one's own self on a psychic level. Our purpose, therefore, is to try to analyze and understand the unconscious motivations behind a relationship of abuse or violence.

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