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Juvenile criminal lawyer in Milan

Juvenile criminal lawyer, Milan.

The juvenile criminal lawyer, specialized in juvenile justice, is important in all cases where a minor is the author, victim or witness of an offense.

The Cecatiello Law Firm specializes in the treatment of cases of juvenile, civil and criminal law.

The criminal proceeding, when the defendants are minors, is governed by Presidential Decree 22 September 1988 n. 448, which dictates "Provisions on the criminal trial against minors"

The correct attribution of age is important for the protection of the minor, especially in case of lack of identification documents; the legislation provides that the minor age is presumed in cases of uncertainty, also following a medical report (wrist x-ray, tooth examination, and other tests that the judge's expert may deem necessary).

The juvenile process is inspired by some fundamental principles, also referred to in international conventions and is therefore constructed "for children".

The choice of the legislator is aimed at providing the juvenile judicial authority with a tool that would allow the regulation of the ordinary process to be modeled so as to make it compatible with the protection of the child's personality still being formed. When it is necessary to choose a lawyer for a minor, it is advisable to evaluate the specialization in juvenile criminal law and the general competences of the study, of particular importance is training in a specific field and the psychological and formative one: the minor defendant is a growing subject. deserves the utmost care, protection and attention.

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