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Teenagers. Educate and grow without fear.

TEENS - Educate and Grow without fear

The mysteries of the adolescent universe revealed by the psychologist Laura Veneroni and the family lawyer Armando Cecatiello in their latest book "ADOLESCENTS - Educating and Growing without fear".

Teenagers are a universe of complex and often mysterious dynamics. The needs linked to autonomy, the search for one's own identity, the efforts linked to growth often make the relationship with the world of adults complex.
Developed like a novel, the text addresses the central themes in this delicate phase of life through the events of a group of adolescents, and provides simple theoretical tools and concrete indications to parents, educators and those who accompany the children in their growth. .
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Publication of the volume on the developmental problems of adolescents seen through the observatory of a lawyer expert in family and personal law, read through the psychological perspective by an expert psychotherapist in developmental age

Authors: Armando Cecatiello, Laura Veneroni

Adolescence is a critical period, fundamental for the development of one's identity and characterized by great changes and some fundamental challenges, the result of which will determine the outcomes of the person you will be as an adult: building healthy and satisfying relationships with yourself and with others , find a balance between pushes towards autonomy and freedom and the limits and rules of the adult world, deal with a changing body that often does not like, frightens, worries, learn to manage impulses without getting hurt, build their autonomy without getting lost, separating from the family and opening up to the world without losing their emotional ties and without feeling alone. These challenges are often made even more difficult by complex family situations and environmental conditions that pose a risk to linear development. To these obstacles are added the dangers that belong to the society in which we live, such as drugs, relational loneliness in the face of an excess of sharing and the need for approval through social media, the rapid push towards competitiveness and excellence in spite of of the deep need to understand and see including one's desires and the time it takes to cultivate them.

Faced with all this, adolescents can feel lost, unprepared, disappointed, angry, disheartened, afraid. The reactions they may have to these feelings can be oppositional behaviors towards the adult world, anger, transgression, or withdrawal, isolation, depression.

Adults who accompany adolescents on their growth path may in turn experience ambivalent feelings of worry and annoyance, anger and tenderness, helplessness and a sense of protection. It is often difficult to deal with a teenager in crisis. One feels unprepared and lost. We are afraid of making mistakes. Curiously, adolescents and adults experience the same feelings for different reasons, but they often cannot communicate and feel close to each other in the crisis. And to help each other understand each other.

This text addresses the main issues related to the world of adolescents, through a series of clinical cases drawn from the observatory of a lawyer expert in family and personal law. The cases are told like a novel, whose protagonists are teenagers of situations actually assisted by the author Cecatiello, revisited through the narrative dimension to maintain their anonymity. The protagonists tell their own stories in the first person, with the style and language that belongs to the boys. Lawyer Cecatiello limits himself to giving them the floor, letting them tell their thoughts and experiences immediately, without filters. Through the events of this group of friends, the text explores themes ranging from the search for autonomy, the difficult relationship with the body, relationships with the group and friends, the need for approval and reflection, the effort to control impulses, the need for listening and understanding, fear and risks, such as drugs, to address the delicate issue of what happens when a teenager gets sick.

The text is proposed as a novel, of fluent and quick reading, but the stories of the children and the anxieties expressed by their parents at the end of each story are read through the understanding gaze of the Psychotherapist who, at the end of each chapter, offers a perspective sense to read the crisis that children express with their vicissitudes and provides simple and immediate theoretical tools to help parents and adults who care for adolescents to approach the world of children, without fear.

The volume, due to its informative and easy-to-read character, can also be read by adolescents themselves, who can use the stories of peers and the proposed psychological reading, with a therapeutic function, such as mirror to recognize and understand the tumultuous dynamics taking place in themselves and understand the point of view of adults. The goal is to bring together the adult world and that of children, for educate and grow without fear.

"This is possible if there is a climate of respect, trust and openness to dialogue. It is not easy, but it is possible. And even in situations in which this dialogue has never been created or has been interrupted, it is always possible to build it or start over. The first trust is the one that a parent or a person in charge of a teenager must find in himself: "I know that I may be able to find a way to dialogue and understand this boy or this girl". If we think about it, the strangeness we feel towards a teenager is precisely what undermines confidence, which instead refers to something that is familiar to us. Familiarizing yourself with the apparent extraneousness of adolescents, free from fear, is the first exercise to do "(Chapter 5, page 22).


  • Preface
  • Presentation of the authors
  • Introduction (Carlo Alfredo Clerici - State University of Milan)
  • Chapter 1 - Listening
  • Chapter 2 - Empathy
  • Chapter 3 - Separation
  • Chapter 4 - A look that enhances
  • Chapter 5 - Expectations
  • Chapter 6 - Limit / rule
  • Chapter 7 - Sense of Danger
  • Chapter 8 - Alcohol and drugs
  • Chapter 9 - Illness
  • Chapter 10 - Body Perception
  • Chapter 11 - Friends vs. Family
  • Chapter 12 - Remembering your adolescence
  • Chapter 13 - Support in bankruptcy
  • Chapter 14 - Hope
  • Chapter 15 - Bequeathing
  • Chapter 16 - Parents
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix
  • Thanks

The authors

Armando Cecatiello is a lawyer in Milan and has been dealing with family and personal law for over twenty-five years, a careful student of alternative methods to litigation. He is developing his research in the field of family law, negotiation and collaborative practice both in Italy and in the USA.

He is Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, Trainer in Collaborative Practice. He founded Soccorso Rosa Onlus, an association that deals with the prevention and study of gender violence. He is a member of Aiaf (Italian Association of Family Lawyers) of IACP (International Association Collaborative Practice), he founded the Associazione Professionisti Collaborativi Ticinese (CH). He is the author of several articles and publications on family law and child protection in scientific journals.

He publishes regularly in Il Familiarista - Giuffrè Editore.

He is the author of the following volumes:

  • Armando Cecatiello, Muscialini Nadia. Now stop! Instructions against abuse. Boston Editori, Faenza 2014. SBN-10: 8898142145; ISBN-13: 978-8898142149;
  • Armando Cecatiello, Carlo Alfredo Clerici. My parents split up. And I? Separating and divorcing while protecting themselves and their children. Red Edizioni, Milan 2016. EAN: 9788857306865;
  • Armando Cecatiello. Separating well with collaborative practice. A new way to leave peacefully. Red Edizioni, Milan 2017. EAN: 9788857399010;
  • Armando Cecatiello. A Mindful Divorce: Uncoupling with the Collaborative Process. Red Edizioni, Milan 2018. ISBN-10: 8857399265 ISBN-13: 978-8857399263.

Laura Veneroni is a psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in clinical psychology. He has worked for years with adolescents and families, with a long experience and specialized training in the field of trauma, crisis situations and serious organic disease. This clinical experience is accompanied by an intense research activity, first as a doctoral student at the State University of Milan, and then as a clinical psychologist who for years worked at the Pediatrics of the IRCCS National Cancer Foundation of Milan.

She is the author for Il Mulino of a didactic manual in the field of health psychology ("Clinical psychology in the hospital. Consultancy and intervention models". Il Mulino: Bologna 2014. EAN 9788815248268), and the following volumes:

  • Clerici CA, Veneroni L. Animal hypnosis, tonic immobility and biological basis of trauma and dissociation. Aracne, Rome 2011;
  • Clerici CA, Veneroni L. The impossible escape: studies on the tonic immobility in animals from a comparative psychology perspective. Nova Science Publisher, Hauppage 2012;
  • Basso G, Clerici CA, Giacon B, Jankovic M, Nicelli AL, Porta F, Saccomani R, Veneroni L. Guide to the assistance of children and adolescents with cancer. Raffaello Cortina Editore, Milan 2012

He also carried out teaching and research activities on the use of video in the field of health sciences, and training and teaching activities at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milan.

She is the author of more than 80 scientific articles published in national and international journals.

Possibility of disclosure

The text would have the possibility of dissemination to a vast and heterogeneous public, which includes both parents who are grappling with the problems of adolescence in their children, and social and legal operators who deal with adolescents (lawyers, teachers, educators, assistants social, judges) and also by adolescents themselves who intend to understand awareness of the problems they are experiencing and the perception that adults have of their world.


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