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Conference "On the side of minors - The challenges of adolescents" - September 2019

The lawyer Armando Cecatiello, matrimonial expert, collaborative lawyer, partner of AIADC (Italian Association of Collaborative Professionals) and coordinator of the Milan Practice Group in 2017, mediator and trainer, author of several publications including “My parents are divided. AND I?" Red. Edizioni, coordinates and introduces the conference "On the side of minors - The challenges of adolescents“, Proposed under the patronage of City of Milan.

Conference on the side of minors - The challenges of adolescents

Sala Alessi - Palazzo Marino

Piazza della Scala, 2, 20121 - Milan

30 September 2019


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INTRODUCTION There is increasing talk of teenagers who are often identified as a problem. But what are the problems of adolescents today? It is necessary to immerse oneself in the difficulties of the boys, listen to them and understand their point of view in the judicial, hospital and school dress.

What possibilities are there for children who, in which way, are involved in events greater than themselves: in courtrooms, in schools, in hospitals.

The conference aims to address the protection of adolescents, best practices in the judicial, therapeutic and educational fields with a multidisciplinary approach and also in a transnational perspective.

COORDINATES: Lawyer Armando Cecatiello, Introducer


  • Dr. Stefano Benzoni, Child Neuropsychiatrist, CTU of the Court of Milan and author of several publications on minors
  • Avv. Cinzia Calabrese, Lawyer, AIAF National President, EU Commission President of the Milan Bar Association
  • Avv. Armando Cecatiello, Familiarist Lawyer, Rosa SOS President and author of publications on the family and minors
  • Dr. Carlo Alfredo Clerici, Medical Psychotherapist and Researcher, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the State University of Milan
  • Dr. Mauro Grimoldi, Psychologist, former President of the Order of Psychologists, CTU of the Court of Milan
  • Dott. Filippo Mittino, Psychologist - Developmental Psychotherapist, author of texts on adolescents
  • Dr. Joseph Moyersoen, Jurist, formerly Judge of the Juvenile Court of Milan, author of several publications on minors
  • Dr. Rosa Muscio, Court Judge of Milan IX Civil Section
  • Dr. Laura Cosmai, Tutelary Section, Court of Milan already IX Civil Court of Milan
  • Dr. Aldo Becce, Adjunct Professor in the Seminar of Introduction to Juridical Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Trieste. Trainer, Expert and Technical Consultant in criminal and civil matters


Dr. Stefano Benzoni. Adolescents in the family crisis. What remedies, cure or educate?

Avv. Cinzia Calabrese. The protection of adolescents in civil proceedings, the deontological aspects of the Family Lawyer

Armando Cecatiello, lawyer. The lawyer to protect the adolescent: the Special Curator

Dott. Carlo Alfredo Clerici. Patient Teenagers. Difficult choices at a difficult time

Dott. Mauro Grimoldi. The adolescent and justice: what interventions to protect minors

Dott. Filippo Mittino. Parents and School. Adolescents are not a problem to be solved

Dr. Joseph Moyersoen. The protections in other EU countries are adolescents

Dr. Rosa Muscio. The legal protections and the experience of the Judge are adolescents

Dr. Laura Cosmai. Adolescents, legal protection and protection experience.

Final round table with all the speakers and space for interaction with the public.




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