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Interview Attorney Cecatiello on divorce through collaborative practice - RSI.ch

"Divorce well" by Renato Pugina.

Interview with the lawyer Armando Cecatiello on RSI

About half of marriages end in divorce. It is a consolidated social phenomenon, a sign of our society and of the mutation of the concept of family. Divorcing is a frequent and often very painful reality for wife and husband: quarrels, blackmail, harassment of all kinds. But breaking up a marriage often becomes a dramatic experience for children, who are in the midst of contention. So it is right to ask ourselves if it is possible to divorce well, that is to dissolve a marriage avoiding war. The answer in a documentary by Bonfire, which gathers the concrete and encouraging experience of those who, like Avv. Armando Cecatiello, has shown that it is possible to divorce well.

The extract of interest of the transmission is proposed on this page; the complete video of the Bonfire episode is available on the RSI website at the following address:

 https:// www.rsi.ch/la1/programmi…Divorziare-bene-13207863.html

The intervention of the lawyer Cecatiello begins at minute 59: 24sec.