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For years I have worked with the law firm Cecatiello as a family law and, as a lawyer, during my professional life, as well as defending my clients in court, I had the opportunity to study, investigate and apply different methods of conflict resolution : civil and family mediation, negotiation according to the Harvard school, assisted negotiation and Collaborative Practice.

I have published two books on conflict resolution. The first “My Parents Are Separating. And I?" 2016 Ed. Red! together with Carlo Clerici where in one chapter I introduce the method of Collaborative practice, the second “Separate Well With Collaborative Practice” Ed. Red! 2017 entirely dedicated to the solution of conflicts in the family environment through Collaborative Practice.

For this I have to thank Stuart Webb, the founder of the collaborative practice, which I was fortunate to meet personally, Barbara Hummel and Sherri Goren Sovin, from Cincinnati (USA), my first collaborative practice guides, who have contributed in recent years to motivate me, to support me even at a distance and have fostered a radical change of perspective to my profession, all the professionals of the IACP and the AIADC with whom I have worked and collaborated in recent years both in Italy and in the USA.

But most of all I have to thank all the clients who trusted me and who understood how separation, divorce and in general the crisis of the family, in today's society, should not be experienced as a drama but also in the pain that often accompanies them, they can be an opportunity for a new life, a beginning towards new perspectives also thanks to Collaborative Practice. In these twenty years of profession I met clients in very complex and painful situations, where the conflict seemed insurmountable and the incurable situations but, in the end, everything was resolved and after difficult moments, they took back their lives and this in their own interest but even more so in that of children.

I also owe to them the strength and the energy that led me to research and implement a profound change in my profession, which allowed me to deepen the method of Collaborative Practice in order to offer it as an important resource in the solution of conflicts, particularly those family.


Armando Cecatiello, Lawyer Milan and Rome.
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