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The collaborative practice was born in the United States from an intuition of Stuard Webb at the beginning of the 1990. Since then it has spread all over the world.
While there are several publications and scientific articles intended for insiders, there are very few popular books on collaborative practice.
The book I published "Separate well with collaborative practice. A new way to leave oneself serenely "Ed. Red! 2017, born from my experience with those who used collaborative practice is the best way to understand this method that has solved a large number of cases in the world.
The book explains the collaborative process through examples and practical cases. Ample space is given to the narration of true stories that, as we have already explained, have been appropriately modified to not make the protagonists in any way recognizable.
Reading stories allows you to fully understand the collaborative practice in its entirety for those who want to approach this method to solve a conflict, for those who want to help a loved one and also for those who have a professional interest in this innovative method for management and conflict resolution.
Each individual chapter deals with a different topic and explains the different approach of the collaborative method.
The book aims to be a tool for investigating the method of collaborative practice, on possible uses. It is necessary to consider that each case is per se and it is always necessary to contact a qualified professional to have an assessment of their personal and financial situation also considering the importance and the delicacy of the issues and their implications. "Separating well with Collaborative Practice" is aimed at those who are experiencing a family crisis directly and look for a safe and effective method to find a solution to the problems that takes into account the true interests of all the parties involved, and create shared and lasting solutions in the time.
The publication is also intended for all professionals who want to have a complete overview of collaborative practice, legal practitioners, psychologists, social workers and all those who are confronted with the conflict in general and the family crisis and they want to understand this innovative non-contentious method for resolving disputes.


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