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INTRODUCTION The Guarantor Authority for Children and Adolescents, to implement the Charter of the rights of the children in the separation of the parents, has constituted this Commission that has questioned a lot, and with critical sense, on the rights of the children in the separation of parents. In order to examine the question from every point of view, we have used experts, chosen among personalities of the juridical, social, psychological and pedagogical sector, who have been audited. Reflection has constantly placed younger children at the center of separation. We have questioned, and we have questioned, on the concept of bi-parenting, on the behaviors that parents should hopefully adopt in separation, as well as those to be avoided, on the needs of the children taking into account their age, on the need to listen to them and to give them back the outcome of the decisions made after listening, or on the if and how, if necessary, make them participate in the reorganization of family life and on the necessity, or not, of embarking on a path of family mediation. Important, delicate issues that adults sometimes make easy to manage, and for this reason we have asked for an opinion also to "them", the children, through the Consulta dei ragazzi that the Authority has set up. Many of the articles, which come to life in this Charter, are the result of their work. During the hearings, in the diversity of approaches to the issue of separation, certain common points emerged, transversal to the competences of the auditees. Parents are aware that the separation, as a change, affects the children who must, therefore, face a path to process the changes necessary for the new family organization. Children need to know that in each parent's heart and mind there is a place for them. Knowing that we can continue to maintain emotional relationships with both parents reduces the anxiety of loss to our children. Children need to be prepared with the communicative modalities appropriate to their age and the period of life they are going through. 3
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