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For over twenty years I deal with family law and people's rights in a path that led me to create the Law Firm Cecatiello in Milan.
For years I have been attending courtrooms all over Italy, courts of appeal and, for many clients, I come to discuss before the higher magistrates.

The feeling that I continue to have is that even if I win the causes, I get all the results that my clients wanted to achieve, the conflict is not resolved, the situations are not smoothed out, and often they get worse. If we consider that in most of the separation and divorce procedures children are involved, often the real victims of the conflict, that the proceedings last several years and the more time passes and the more the relations between the parties become more acute and worse, we can well understand the reason that led me to seek alternative solutions to the courts.

I was able to understand how the issues underlying separation and divorce judgments are the same all over the world and how judges and lawyers both in Europe and the US are facing the same situations and have the same difficulties. You argue for a small difference on the maintenance allowance, on the time spent by the children with one or the other parent, on holidays, on houses, on the division of furniture and even on the attribution of wedding gifts. In the end, on closer inspection, they are all excuses: the problems are of a different nature and only a few want to tackle them and solve them.

With collaborative practice, the parties have the space, the time, the tools and the help of trained professionals to face and truly solve family problems and conflicts in their own interests and their children.


Armando Cecatiello, Lawyer Milan and Rome.
Law Firm Cecatiello, specialized in family law, matrimonial lawyer, divorce lawyer, minor maintenance / custody.