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collaborative practice


More and more couples in crisis, in such a delicate and difficult moment of their life, choose to rely on collaborative practice.

As we all know in separation and divorce we are dealing with extremely delicate and personal issues, for which there is no single approach that is valid for everyone.

The collaborative practice represents for many a valid alternative to the judicial procedure which, with its high costs and waste of time and energy, in most cases, does not offer a solution capable of solving people's problems.

Many have understood and proved that collaborative practice is a path that allows you to quickly and at low cost reach an effective and lasting solution, keeping the future of the children and the customer's need to see beyond the end of the relationship as a priority. couple.

Those who rely on collaborative practice choose to separate with cooperation, trust and transparency that reduces the emotional tension of the parties and minimizes hostilities.

Many have understood that it is a process that guarantees mquickness compared to a judicial proceeding.

Naturally, each party is assisted by their own lawyer specialized in collaborative practice who, together with the other professionals involved, will concentrate on finding shared solutions, thus reducing the time for the definition of agreements and the resolution of family conflicts.

From the resolved cases it emerges that the agreements last over time, the reason being that they come from the parties and correspond to their true desires.

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