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Medical responsibility and unhealthy

The Law Firm Cecatiello assists individuals, hospitals and health care facilities in disputes concerning the medical responsibility making available its own experience and that of its external consultants.

Every day, around the world, thousands of people lose their lives or are severely damaged due to errors in medical treatment and surgery.

Often they are unaware victims who do not know their rights and remain without their rightful compensation.

The goal of the Cecatiello Law Firm is to help all those who have seen their inviolable rights violated in the event of total or partial failure of medical treatment, surgery and to allow every victim of medical malpractice to have the right compensation.

The Law Firm Cecatiello is at the service of anyone who claims to have been the victim of a medical error and accompanies him in the process aimed at obtaining the right compensation.

After evaluating the case, the Cecatiello Law Firm will take care of the entire compensation process, from the legal medical report to the request for compensation and, where necessary, will take the legal action to obtain the right compensation. If you believe that you have been the victim of a clinical error, of a carelessness or simply too much superficiality, now you can object, you can assert your rights, you can demand what is rightfully yours.

In particular, the Studio deals with:

  • doctor's responsibility
  • unhealthy compensation
  • responsibility of the health structure
  • medical error in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine
  • responsibility of the dentist
  • responsibility of the doctor for unnecessary interventions
  • medical responsibility for omitted or untimely therapeutic and / or surgical intervention.


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