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Marriage lawyer, divorce lawyer, Milan.


The lawyer Armando Cecatiello has been dealing with separation and divorce cases at the Court of Milan for over 20 years. The Firm gives great importance to listening to the Client who, put at ease, is able to communicate in the best possible way and explain his real needs, his needs. After a careful evaluation of all the aspects involved, even the economic ones, the Customer is advised on the best way, the solution that best suits his needs.
The Italian legal system recognizes divorce with the law Fortuna-Baslini, n. 898 - "Discipline of cases of dissolution of marriage" published on 1 December 1970. Before this law, the separation between spouses was very difficult and the authority with which we had to deal was often the Sacra Rota for a historical period in which the religious aspect saw the sacrament very strong.
Divorce provides for the dissolution or cessation of the civil effects of the marriage when the spouses demonstrate that they no longer have any reason, spiritual or material, to continue sharing their life. Before reaching the divorce, the spouses must register their legal separation during which they demonstrate that they do not cohabit. The Divorce Law of 1970 was amended by Laws 436/1978 and 74/1987, the latter reducing the separation period from 5 to 3 years.

L'Cecatiello is a trainer at the Collaborative Practice, a modality that can broaden the range of possibilities for separation through mediation.

The divorce application can be presented in court only after three years have passed since the first separation hearing.

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Court of Milan,
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He deals with family, separations and divorces.

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The Cecatiello Law Firm advises its clients for the best management of separation and divorce proceedings.



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