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Protection and asset management

The Law Firm Cecatiello, thanks to the experience gained in family law and more generally in the civil sector offers its clients advice and assistance for the protection of family assets. The consultancy provided by the professionals of the firm, supported by Tax Consultants and Tax Consultants with whom the law firm Cecatiello works regularly, is also aimed at managing the complex planning and protection requirements of companies, businesses, families or wealthy people, integrating original the different areas of expertise and coordinating the client's trusted professionals who are delegated to them.
In Italy there is often the presence of family-owned company capital which requires particular attention to the issues of managing relationships between shareholders, with financial institutions and qualified professionals to ensure the continuity of a business. In this context, the assistance of the Cecatiello Law Firm to its clients is focused in particular on the evaluation and identification of the most efficient structure to ensure business continuity in the processes of generational change and in restructuring or reorganization operations.
The integration of the different skills and professionalism of the members of the firm and the mutual contacts both in the industrial and financial sectors allow legal advice on the development of medium or long-term investment activities and operations in the context of restructuring or reorganization of companies with a high added value of skills, innovation.



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