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The Law Firm Cecatiello has great attention to customer rights and the success of each proceeding is the pride of the lawyers of the firm. In Collaborative Practice because agreements come from spouses and are fully shared, they have more strength and hold than those resulting from simple negotiation between lawyers.
Often spouses, who for years have never had problems talking to each other and dealing with the crisis, build a barrier that divides them, an impenetrable wall.
Thanks to collaborative practice, the parties resume a positive dialogue in a safe and secure environment with the help of the whole team.
Over the years we have seen how in the crises of couples and the family in general, collaborative practice makes it possible to find a satisfactory solution for all the members of the family, first of all the children. The method can be applied to separation, divorce, cohabitation, changes in conditions of separation and divorce and succession. In some countries collaborative practice has been extended in the commercial and labor law fields where it is considered important to have a good relationship between the different parties involved even after reaching an agreement.
It is a new way of dealing with every form of conflict with respect and in a rational way. The procedure, as we have seen, is centered on the parts and guided by them.
The collaborative law is an effective alternative to the court and in most cases it really solves the problems of couples in crisis who, at the end of the procedure, can turn to the judiciary only to formalize the agreement reached.
Thanks to Collaborative Practice it is possible to have the help and support of a communication expert and a financial expert to find comprehensive solutions in family disputes that very often also have important economic implications.


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