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Studio Legale
Avv. Armando Cecatiello
Studio Legale
Avv. Armando Cecatiello

Studio Legale Cecatiello is a boutique Milan divorce law firm located in Milan Center. We concentrate our practice exclusively in the areas of family and divorce law, and serve clients in Italy and even in Europe, UK and US. Recognized among divorce law firms in Italy, we are one of the divorce law firm offering all three options for divorce: litigation, collaborative law and mediation.

Emphasizing comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge service, our Milan family law attorneys offer expertise in professional trial advocacy, negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, child custody and support, spousal maintenance, property division, and modifications and enforcement.

Our uniquely focused practice and decades of combined experience in all aspects of Italian and cross-border law ensures that we have the skill and capacity to provide the best service for our clients’ needs. We have significant experience handling high net worth cases, and are skilled at preparing effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as protecting our clients’ property, assets, and interests upon divorce.

Representing high net worth individuals in complex financial matters requires sophisticated financial understanding and in depth knowledge of the law. At Studio Legale Cecatiello, we pride ourselves on quality work and achieving positive and highly satisfactory results for our clients. Our skilled Italian divorce lawyers are fully committed to offering each of our clients:

Personal attention
Prompt responses to individual needs and inquiries. Thorough and clearly stated explanations of your options
Creative solutions to difficult and complex problems. An extensive menu of legal processes, including litigation, negotiation, mediation, and collaborative law. Any legal issue may be fraught with tension, especially divorce and other family law issues, but even divorce does not need to be emotionally devastating.
The Milan attorney from our firm can help individuals navigate complex and delicate matters, always working to minimize stress and strain on families. In certain select situations, mediation or collaborative law may be the right answer to resolve issues to everyone’s advantage and in other situations, there is no choice but to litigate.
With our experience with all three process choices we can help clients figure out what process is right for them.

Avv. Armando Cecatiello

A founding partner of Studio Legale Cecatiello, Armando Cecatiello received his degree from Università Statale di Milano in 1994 and he joined the Italian Bar Association in Milan.
Specializing in matrimonial law and mediation, he has guided many of his clients to successful, highly satisfactory out-of- court resolutions through the collaborative law process or mediation.

He has served as Leader of Milan Practice Group of Collaborative Practice Association and is a member of the AIAF the Association of Italian Family Lawyers. He has develop studies about Divorce, Mediation, Collaborative Practice and family Abuse. Mr. Armando Cecatiello has taught matrimonial law in many courses and seminars and teaches Collaborative Practice for IACP – AIADC. He has made numerous presentations on behalf of AIAF and ONG. He is President of Soccorso Rosa Onlus, the ONG that protect women against family violence.

He is the author of many books about family law and Collaborative Practice: “Adesso basta. Istruzioni contro l’Abuso”. Boston Publishing 2015; “Bullo mi hai Rotto” Boston Publishing 2016 “I miei Genitori si
Dividono. E Io?” Red! Ed. 2016; Separarsi Bene con la Pratica Collaborativa” Red! 2017.

“Our clients are going through an extraordinarily difficult time in their lives, and they know they can count on us to be there for them.”

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As a dedicated Italian family law practice, we establish close working relationships with our clients, resulting in strong and effective representation and characterized by humanity, caring, and understanding.

If you find yourself facing divorce or other family law issues, please contact Studio Legale Cecatiello at 00390272022862 to schedule an appointment with an experienced Milan divorce attorney.

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