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The law firm was founded by Avv. Armando Cecatiello and boasts over twenty years of experience in family and personal law.

The Cecatiello Law Firm is based in Milan, and operates throughout the national territory and in Switzerland, in the Canton of Ticino. The lawyer assists his clients with the help of professionals and collaborators all over the world. The professionals, trained in mediation and collaborative practice, offer the most recent methods of resolving disputes in the judicial and extrajudicial fields.

"How to protect children when the couple separates" article from Vanity Fair - 01/08/2016

Separation and divorce they mark the end of the couple relationship, not the parental one. The presence of children, in fact, requires in-depth reflection on how to make children and young people live this moment as serenely as possible, how to help them understand and accept what is happening to their family and, above all, that, although there will be many changes to be faced, mum and dad remain the main points of reference, always and in any case present for them.
But how to deal with the separation by protecting the children and putting them at the center of interest? How to support them in this difficult phase?

They try to answer these and many other questions Armando Cecatiello, marriage lawyer, and Carlo Clerici, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.

Read the full article: ➡️ https://www.vanityfair.it/lifestyle / children / 16/07/26 /how-to-protect-children-when-the-couple-separates

Article from IoDonna of Corriere della Sera - 11/07/2016

Do the parents separate? Ten rules for raising happy children

But the most important task remains that of the adults directly involved. For example: how to tell your children that you are breaking up? “Talking about it not too late, because it is wrong to think of keeping them in the dark. By addressing the speech all together, leaving aside negative feelings so as to transmit only trust, security, hope“, Says Clerici. “And listen to their reactions, even in the long term. Acceptance is a long process, which must be shared ”. The important thing, when a couple splits, is to take into account 10 important moves. Here they are.

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Avv. Armando Cecatiello - “digital assets” come in succession

Tag24.it describes the podcast of digital possessions

Avv. Armando Cecatiello - “digital assets” come in succession

Speaking during the broadcast "Una di Famiglia" conducted by Livia Ventimiglia on Radio Cusano Campus, the lawyer Armando Cecatiello, an expert in family law, analyzed a provision of the Court of Milan which authorized a woman to take possession of the account of mail, the iCloud one and those of the deceased husband's social profiles.

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